Direct Co-ops partners with the global co-operative movement at Disrupting the Disruptors

Disrupting the Disruptors conference was held in Toronto between September 9-10, dedicated to understanding and accelerating platform co-operatives in Canada and all around the world. This event offered a practical exploration of a more equitable digital economy by using co-operatively owned digital platforms. Can co-operative ownership solve the challenges we face from platform monopolies, such as Walmart and Amazon? We explored the possibilities of building a sustainable platform economy that benefits entrepreneurs and all people.

The conference was joined by over 300 co-operatives, associations and other groups representing millions of businesses worldwide. Direct Co-ops joined the conference as one of the pillars of the new digital economy, leveling the playing field for all mom and pops. After understanding the sense of urgency, Direct Co-ops has decided to give their experience and technologies, completely for free, to help stop the bleeding for small independent businesses globally.