Direct Global / Direct Co-ops and CCA Global Partners reached a major agreement for USA & Canada


Direct Global / Direct Co-ops is proud to announce we have reached an agreement with CCA Global Partners.

October 3, 2017

Toronto, ON – Canadian company Direct Global / Direct Co-ops and US-based CCA Global Partners reached a major agreement for USA & Canada. Direct Global / Direct Co-ops will be bringing CCA Global Partners’ major services and products to the rest of the USA and Canada. This will enable Direct Co-ops members to enjoy savings in a multitude of products and services, including but not limited to free shipping and 70% off Staples products, 70%+ discount on shipping, savings on fuel, 19% discount on Sprint telecom services and many more.

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops truly appreciates our alliance with CCA Global Partners, a group that truly recognizes and supports entrepreneurs and independent businesses.

About CCA Global Partners

CCA Global Partners‘ cooperative business model has been empowering thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed in a marketplace that is impacted by widespread consolidation. CCA Global Partners empowers entrepreneurs and independent business owners by providing the scale, resources and innovation that create sustainability, growth and effective competition in today’s evolving marketplace. More than 3,500 locations and half a million members in North America and abroad benefit from CCA’s leadership through its 14 different businesses. CCA Global Partners comprises 14 divisional companies with annual sales of $10.8 billion.

About Direct Co-ops

Direct Co-ops has launched an initiative that will see 29 million small and medium enterprises come together to form the world’s largest buying group. Through the buying group, SMEs will have the purchasing power to lower costs on everyday business products and services, making them more competitive with ‘big box’ stores.