Direct Global, Direct Co-ops and Local Driver Co-op to hit the streets in major cities across North America establishing the largest co-op buying group, ride-hailing and delivery service to support small businesses and gig workers

The Caravan of Courage will see hundreds of drivers in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco get behind the wheel to promote co-op memberships



TORONTO – On Thursday, April 29, 2021 Direct Global/Direct Co-ops will host the Caravan of Courage, an initiative to generate awareness around the Direct Initiative that aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses and communities. Taking place simultaneously in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the caravan will consist of hundreds of vehicles driving along a predetermined route to promote and recruit members to sign up for its ride hailing, delivery and online shopping apps; Local Driver Co-opDirect Local Eats and Direct Local.

The pandemic has revealed the inequality that small businesses and gig workers face when trying to compete against big box stores that are constantly being given the upper hand,” said Ahmed AttiaFounder and CEODirect Co-ops/Direct Global. “To combat the economic disruption caused by the pandemic, we are launching the only sustainable solution that puts these individuals back in control of their lives.”

In 2019, Direct Global developed a smart marketplace that allows small and medium-sized businesses to collectively buy and sell within its network of over 25,000 members, which is the first step in creating an even greater buying power than the Walmarts and Amazons of the world. The voting and nomination tools also allow members to vote on the products they need and the issues they face.

Local Driver Co-op
Local Driver Co-op is a ride-hailing and delivery app-based co-op that is owned by its members. Currently established in 92 cities across North America, the app includes all driver types needed to support businesses including: rideshare, taxi, medallion holders, fleet operators, delivery couriers and truck drivers. The Local Driver Co-op will see drivers receive 90 per cent of the revenue and ownership of the platform, allowing consumers to save 20 per cent (versus the incumbents), while still paying drivers more than what they currently earn, guaranteeing the future of gig workers in that sector. In order for the app to launch successfully and provide adequate levels of service, Local Driver Co-op will need 10,000 drivers to sign up in each major city.

Members will save on gas, truck rentals and business supplies with up to 85 per cent off UPS and up to 50 per cent off auto parts. Based on the success of the co-operative, through its equity structure, it will be able to finance driverless vehicles on behalf of its members, further securing the future of  drivers in the age of automation.

Direct Local Eats & Direct Local
Direct Local Eats will help food service and grocery businesses reach consumers while the Direct Local app will support all small businesses and retailers that sell to shoppers. Direct Local Eats will only take five percent of transactions on the app compared to companies like Uber Eats that take 30-35 per cent. Members can earn money by referring businesses and drivers to join the app, with no money being taken away from the businesses that sign up. Direct Global/Direct Co-ops aims to have a minimum of 2,000 businesses signed up for its Direct Local Eats and Direct Local app in each city.

Direct Global is a technology company focused on developing and operating platforms that allow purchasers to leverage their collective purchasing power to reduce the cost of procuring raw materials, finished goods and services.

The company’s proprietary web-based platform enables medium and large corporations to harness their collective purchasing power to reduce purchasing and shipping costs. The company’s subsidiary, Direct Co-ops, focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses. Direct Co-ops has developed a web-based platform that works with local business associations and others to connect local small and medium enterprises and enable them to aggregate orders for goods and services from local and national manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. By consolidating shipping, the company helps participating businesses reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains.