Direct Global/Direct Co-ops & GCL Smart Energy Launch Direct Global Midwest to Support SMEs & Co-ops



Through this partnership, GCL will ensure the highest quality products, ranging from PPEs to solar panels, utilizing the company’s vast resources and capabilities.


TORONTO, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This partnership will support Direct Global/Direct Co-ops in helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), associations, cooperatives and unions in managing and empowering their members and employees, to have better access and pricing through the Direct Global/Direct Co-ops group buying platform, for all essential products that are needed to not just help businesses go back to work, but also to help them access more affordable green technologies. Through the Direct Co-ops platform and marketplace, businesses will be able to joint purchase with other businesses. The platform also allows SMEs to retail their products to the local community, with curbside pickup and delivery at a fraction of the fees charged by the incumbents, with free membership and no monthly commitments or fees. The delivery will be facilitated by the Local Driver Co-op and the Direct Local app.


Through this partnership, GCL will ensure the highest quality products, ranging from PPEs (under the Direct Defence brand) to solar panels, utilizing the company’s vast resources and capabilities.


GCL (Shenzhen) Smart Energy Co. Ltd. whose parent company GCL Group is the world’s largest photovoltaic (solar panel) products manufacturer. It is also the top green-tech company in China and #3 in the world. It is China’s largest non-state-owned power development operator.


The offices for the joint venture will be in the landmark PNC Bank Building in Toledo, Ohio, strategically located within half a day’s journey to a third of the US population. The local iteration of the retail app, Direct Local, will be called ‘419 Direct’, supporting Toledo’s small and medium-sized businesses, to start.


“I am honoured to work with such an innovative group that are pioneers of technology that is there to better the world. And who better to help protect the world, when it comes to the highest standards from PPE to green products. Whether you’re a driver, a small business owner or a co-op member, this will ensure the best quality products for you at the best prices, allowing us to get back to our lives with confidence”, said Ahmed Attia, President CEO of Direct Global/Direct Co-ops.


“We are very pleased with the opportunity to work with Direct Global/Direct Co-ops. As a high-tech company in alternative energy, GCL (Shenzhen) Smart Energy also sees a great potential in building up a platform specializing in providing high-quality PPE and green products to the world in the most competitive way. Our platform intends to establish partnerships with small and medium-sized companies to mutually benefit from our access to trusted manufacturers and logistics,” said Mr. Frank Zhang, Chairman of GCL (Shenzhen) Smart Energy Co. Ltd.


About Direct Global / Direct Co-ops

Direct Global is a technology company focused on developing and operating platforms that allow purchasers to leverage their collective purchasing power to reduce the cost of procuring raw materials, finished goods and services.

The company’s proprietary web-based platform enables medium and large corporations to harness their collective purchasing power to reduce purchasing and shipping costs. The company’s subsidiary, Direct Co-ops, focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses. Direct Co-ops has developed a web-based platform that works with local business associations and others to connect local small and medium enterprises and enable them to aggregate orders for goods and services from local and national manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. By consolidating shipping, the company helps participating businesses reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains. Direct Global / Direct Co-ops is also the Canadian strategic partner to the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council ( and the exclusive ecommerce partner to the US Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce ( It has been featured on Bloomberg-BNN, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider and received mention in “Everything for Everyone”, Nathan Schneider’s seminal text on the modern business cooperative movement.