Direct Global / Direct Co-ops Launches GCC Direct & 971 Direct, Opening Two Offices in the United Arab Emirates

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops partnered with Finetrade Ltd. And OWS to set up two offices in the Free Zones.


Finetrade Ltd. is a company based in the United Arab Emirates, focused on trading of raw materials and particularly timber from all over the world. During Dubai’s construction market boom in 2007, the company was one of the pioneers in the country that started Dubai’s accelerated development. Finetrade’s chairman Ismail Awan is a successful serial entrepreneur who is involved in a variety of industries and ventures.


Finetrade formed a consortium with GCC/MENA based automotive supplier OWS, to form the partnership with Direct Global, creating 971 Direct and GCC Direct. GCC Direct will be the hub for the GCC region, while 971 Direct is to service the local market through the Direct Local app.


OWS was founded by Oweis Zahran, winner of CEO’s Young CEO of the Year award and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019. The company manufactures and supplies automotive spare parts, as well as re-manufactured auto components. OWS has a joint-venture with the UAE government entity RAFID, which operates accident assessment and response units in the emirate of Sharjah. The company also expanded to full service and maintenance of government first response vehicles (police, ambulance, fire services etc.).


Finetrade, in its facilities in the Dubai and Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, will be handling all raw materials to be distributed globally, while OWS, based in Sharjah, will be handling other commercial equipment and products.