Vote on Commodities

  1. Vote on commodities or products that you would like to purchase as part of a buying group, along with other corporations.
  2. Once an item reaches 1000 votes, we will contact the voting members with the best price offer and provide them with further purchase instructions.
  3. Best Price Guarantee: You will always get the best possible price, no matter the size of your order!

Suppliers: Interested in bidding on a commodity or product that you can supply? Visit this page to apply to become a supplier.


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    [math_eval] 268 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="led_bulbs__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 273 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="printer_ink__new_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 175 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="printer_ink__refill_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 188 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="printer_paper__regular_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 155 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="printer_paper__high_quality_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 170 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="cleaning_supplies__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 580 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="cleaning_supplies__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 288 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="flour__organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 196 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="flour__non_organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 199 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="rice__organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 275 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="rice__non_organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 181 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pasta__organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 208 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pasta__non_organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 286 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="sugar__organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 212 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="sugar__non_organic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 589 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="coffee__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 181 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="coffee__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 216 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="tea__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 173 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="tea__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 191 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="coffee_filters__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 268 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="coffee_filters__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 266 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="paint__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 294 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="paint__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 161 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="cleaners__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 298 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="cleaners__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 198 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="asphalt_pot_hole_filler=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 298 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="motor_oil__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 295 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="motor_oil__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 215 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="winshield_washer__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 188 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="winshield_washer__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 164 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="air_filter__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 183 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="air_filter__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 208 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="brake_fluid__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 208 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="brake_fluid__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 277 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="break_pads__brand_name_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 283 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="break_pads__generic_=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 198 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pms_domperidone_10mg__500_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 178 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="sab_haloperidol_inj_5mg_ml__10x1ml=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 261 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="restasis_oph_0_05__drops__30x0_4ml=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 232 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="act_sildenafil_100mg__blpk___4_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 258 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pms_sildenafil_tb_100mg__4_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 241 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pms_colchicine_0_6mg__100_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 275 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="colchicine__6mg__odn___100_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 236 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="act_celecoxib_200mg__100_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 271 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pms_risedronate_35mg_blister_4_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    [math_eval] 255 + [cfdb-count form="Vote_2" filter="pms_memantine_10mg_tabs__30_pack=true"] [/math_eval] votes

    Nominate Products/Commodities

    Can’t find a product or commodity you need? Let us know so we can start a buying group! Tell us which product you would like to bring to other members to vote on (please include a link, if available) and we will add it after a quick review.

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